There is no home for a homeless man, so there is no homepage for a journal of my AWS.

Life is a journal, we just start this So called AWS one.


start tensorflow docker container with jupyter and tensorboard together.

Well, today we’re gonna to have new journey on AWS. I’d like to have some practices of tensorflow on AWS EC2, to make it simple, I decided to use the tensorflow docker image. (You can install tensorflow on EC2 directly, or just use the AWS deep learning AMI, or build the source code of tensorflow …

Error code=8096 reported when working with RTC Eclipse client

Today, I installed IBM rational software architect and RTC plugin for it. But when I trying to load workspace fromĀ  Jazz source control via RTC client, I always got this error: Java was started but returned exit code=8096 After some google, I found this solution from IBM official website. Resolving the problem To resolve the …

Set up nginx+multiple wordpress+RDS on EC2 with Docker

This is the version 2 of previous post “Set up nginx+wordpress+RDS on EC2 instance with Docker” In this journey, with some tricky, I make the ‘official’ wordpress docker images can support multiple website. Important: This is definitely NOT the same as wordpress multisite (which is a build-in function of wordpress, but with terrible configuration work. …